Leading Self-Organising Teams

sigi | 06. 10. 2014

What you can find in this text: A general introduction to the topic// Some background to better understand self-organising systems // How to support self-roganising teams // When to expect our whole work book on leading self-organising teams //. By Sigi Kaltenecker & Peter Hundermark 

The essence of Scrum

thomas | 12. 06. 2014

A laudation on Peter Hundermark’s newly released third iteration of “Do Better Scrum” by Thomas Spielhofer 

Book Review: Humble Inquiry

sigi | 21. 02. 2014

In this text you find a PAM review of Ed Schein´s book // Appreciation and open questions // A summary of what we got out of the book.// A handout of questions you can start with. By Sabine Eybl & Sigi Kaltenecker 

Kanban Change Leadership – The Model

sigi | 25. 11. 2013

What you can find in this text: The foundational model of our Kanban Change Leadership (KCL) approach // A video on how we introduced this model at our latest training in Cape Town // The complete picture of all the values, principles, practices and techniques we covered within the training. By Sigi Kaltenecker & Klaus Leopold 

The People’s Scrum by Tobias Mayer – a book review

thomas | 23. 11. 2013

Tobias Mayer has written a book on revolutionizing the way we work by using Scrum. But is it a revolutionary book? Review and reflection by Thomas Spielhofer 

Evolutionary Change and Leadership with Kanban

sigi | 18. 11. 2013

What you find in this post: An update to my recent post on Change Management with Kanban // More material on how to use Kanban to both better manage your change efforts and to improve your leadership practices // A cross-cultural wrap-up of my latest talks in Hamburg, Vienna and Johannesburg // By Sigi Kaltenecker 

Culture eats Agile for breakfast

sigi | 25. 09. 2013

What you can find in this article: why culture matters // a model to better understand organizational culture // how to apply this model to an Agile culture // two case studies on dealing with culture when introducing Agile // some observations & conclusions by Peter Hundermark & Sigi Kaltenecker 

Change Management with Kanban*

sigi | 31. 05. 2013

In this text you find: A definition of what change management with Kanban is all about // Why we need better ways to manage change // How Kanban can help us to do so // What real-life examples of change management with Kanban look like. By Sigi Kaltenecker 

PRINCE2 with SCRUM – or – SCRUM with PRINCE2

thomas | 31. 05. 2013

This article explores the potential of blending Prince2 and Scrum -what do we get, beast or beauty? by Stefan Jäger and Hans-Peter Ritt 

Applying the PDCA Cycle in knowledge work

sigi | 08. 10. 2012

In this article you will find an example of model use for continuous improvements in Kanban by Arne Roock. Want to learn more about continuous improvement in knowledge work? Visit Lean Kanban Central Europe in Vienna, Oct 22-23 www.lean-kanban.eu